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Sales and Marketing
Lavan Oil Refining Company’s (LORC) products which are available for export are only sold on auction in the Iranian Energy and mercantile Exchange websites www.tsetmc.ir, www.irenex.ir and www.ime.co.ir, and our full terms and conditions for each sale is available online for at least 2 working days.

Gereral  Terms & Conditions

1. Iranian and international companies must be registered in the Iranian Energy and Mercantile Exchange in order to participate in LORC’s auctions. The registration process takes roughly one week and is carried out free of charge through any of the approved Iranian brokers.  
2. In order to participate in LORC’s auctions, a prepayment or Bank Guarantee should be deposited and approved by Lavan Oil Refinery.   
3. The delivery terms of Lavan products is FOB Lavan Island.  

Bank Guarantee Sample

available products (for export)
-    Full Range Naphtha
           (monthly production 30000 MT)
-    Granular Sulphur
           (monthly production 900 Tons)
-    Formed Sulphur


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