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Report of comprehensive plan improvement process and optimization
of Lavan refinery capacity June 1395

Objectives of the process improvement plan and optimization of capacity In order to improve the quality and quantity of petroleum products and to change the production pattern as well
as protect the environment, the process improvement and capacity optimization plan was put in place.
Following the implementation of this project, the quality of Lavan's refined petroleum products will be based on
the European Standard of 2005 (EURO FOUR), in which the amount of oil and gas sulfur The produced
kerosene will be reduced from PPP 10,000 and PPP 8,000 to PPM 50 and PPM 40, respectively,
and the gasoline produced will be upgraded to Euro 4.

The process of implementing projects to improve process and optimize capacity 1- feasibility studies - Feasibility studies of the project in 2004 were carried out by the companies Namwaran
and Beicip Franlab. Basic Design - The basic design of distillation projects and services was carried out by Namvaran Co. in 2006. - The basic design of the 1300, 1500, and 1600 units of the project under license was
carried out by Axens in France in 2006. - The basic design of the 1700 unit from the under license project and the 1900 Unit of
 the Subsidiary Services Project in 2009 was carried out by Siirtec nigi Italy. 3. Environmental assessment of the implementation of projects and obtaining approval
 from the State Environmental Protection Agency for the implementation of projects 4- Project execution by engineering, purchase and construction (E.P.C.C)


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