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Hossein Bargahi (Chairman)

Educational records: MSc of Finance

 Executive and managerial records:

·         Official employee of Ministry of Petroleum

·         Member of the Board of Directors of Sadaf Persian Gulf Chemical Company

·         Chairman of the Audit Committee of Sadaf Persian Gulf Chemical Company

·         Financial vice President of Pars Petrochemical Company






Mohammad Ali Akhbari (Vice Chairman and CEO) 

Educational records: BSc in Chemical Engineering

Executive and managerial records in Lavan Oil Refining Company:

·         Operation manager

·         Launch Manager of the Vacuum Distillation and the new Atmospheric Distillation Units

·         Project manager of the construction of petroleum products transmission pipelines of the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company

·         Launching and operating the distillation unit project in May 2011 which increased the capacity of the refinery from 30,000 to 50,000 barrels per day.

·         Increasing the capacity of the refinery to more than 60,000 barrels per day by using the existing potentials and technical facilities, of which 10,000 barrels have been done without any investment and just by changing the operational parameters.

·         Head of Operations

·         Head of shift operations

·        Shift senior employee of Distillation and Merox Unit 


  Ahmad Dehghan (Member of the Board)



 Seyed Mahmoud Emamzadeh (Member of the Board)


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