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A. Geographical location

         Lavan is an island of Coral and related to the fourth period of geology and is located about 
16 km from the coast of Iran (opposite the port of the official). The geographical position of the
 island is 53 degrees long, 26 and 50 minutes long latitude, and is 20 kilometers long and 4.5 to 7
 kilometers wide. About 45 square kilometers of non-residential and semi-rocky parts of the island
are captured by the National Iranian Oil Company.

B . Population

         The native population of the Lavan Island is currently around 1,000, some of which are
 immigrants from the Lamerd area and some of the black-headed survivors brought by the
Portuguese as slave to the island.


C. Weather

         The temperature in the summer is between 37 to 45 degrees and in the winter is 25 to 10
 degrees centigrade. Relative humidity is 80 to 100 percent in the summer and 10 to 30 percent
in winter, and the average rainfall in the year is about 50 millimeters.



D .Vehicle

         A plane, a ship and a boat.


Managers and companies based on the island:

         Offshore Oil Company: About 45 square kilometers of non-residential and semi-arid parts of the
 island are captured by the National Iranian Oil Company. Lavan oil field has three active oil basins,
 the Salman oil platform is one of the most important. This platform is the largest oil platform in Iran,
 adjacent to the United Arab Emirates's offshore oilshield and has a common oil field.

Other companies based on the island can be companies distributing oil products, managing
 the National Oil and Gas Company (a branch of the exploration management) and managing the
 National Drilling Company.



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