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Board of Directors

Name: Abdolhadi Motlagh (Chairman of the Board)

Educational records: Master of Laws , PhD in Business Administration


Executive and management records:

1- Chairman of the Board of Lavan Oil Refining Co.

2. Legal Consultant at National Iranian Oil Company

3. Deputy Director for Support and Member of the Trading Commission - International Drilling 
Company (Petro-Iran) (1392- 1392)

4. Deputy Director General for OEID Support (Commercial Affairs, Marketing, Legal Affairs, 
Contracts, Administrative Affairs, and Human Resources) (2011-2009)

5- Chairman of the Board of the Public Warehouse and Western Customs Services

6- Economic Affairs Directorate of Iran Public Utilities and Customs Service

7. Chairman of the Board of the Offshore Company of Iran

8- Consultant in Commercial Affairs (oil and gas field) Farangian Investment Company

9- Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Customs warehouse and customs
 service (Imam Khomeini airport)

10. Executive Vice-President and Chairman of the Strategic Committee of OEID Oil Projects

11. Internal consultant of PROSPECTIUNI in Iran (2009)

12. Management of project and program deputy and member of strategic committee of OEID
 Company (2007).

 Educational co-operation:

• Doctoral dissertation in Qom Bar Association

• Doctoral Thesis at Islamic Azad University Center. Faculty of Management

• Doctorate in Teaching and Applied University of Tehran and some colleges ...






Name: Mohammad Ali Akhbari (Deputy Chairman and CEO)

Educational records:BSc in Chemical Engineering


Executive and Management Records in Lavan Oil Refining Company:

• Operations Manager

• Controller for starting distillation and distillation units in a new refinery vacuum

• The director of the project for the construction of oil pipelines for the production of petroleum
 products from the National Oil Products Distribution Company

Launching and exploitation of the distillation unit project in May 2011, which increased the refinery
capacity from 30 thousand barrels to 50 thousand barrels per day.

• Increasing the capacity of the refinery by using technical facilities and existing capacities to more
 than 60,000 barrels per day, with 10,000 barrels without any investment, and only by changing
 operating parameters.

• Operating Chairman

• Operations Sharing Operations Manager

• Senior Recipient of Distillation and Methoxes




 Name: Younes Karimnejad (Member of the Board)

Educational records: Bachelor of Accounting


Executive and management records:


• General Director of Social Security Social Insurance

• Managing Director of Social Security Organization of Yazd Province

• The Board of Directors of the Housing Cooperative Board of Yazd Social Security Staff





Name: Parviz Hashemzadeh (Member of the Board)

Educational records: Master of Chemical Engineering


Executive and management records:

• Ministerial meeting of the Petroleum Committee

• The Board of Directors of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company

• Managing Director of Tehran Oil Refinery

• More than 40 years of experience at the level of the Ministry of Oil





Name: Shahrokh Darvish (Member of the Board)

Educational records: Chemical Engineering - Faculty of Oil Abadan


Executive and management records:


• Project Manager and CEO of Anahita Oil Refining Company

• Implementing the Isfahan refinery optimization plan

• Chairman of the Special Purposes and Oil Spill Projects of Isfahan Refinery and Desulfurization
 of Oil and Gas at the Refineries of Tehran and Tabriz


• Senior Project Engineer, Engineer and Project Manager at Arak Refinery

• Engineer and head of refining units of Tehran and Tabriz refineries





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